Manor Farm Covid Aware Policy

To ensure yours and our personal safety, the new Covid 19 protocols are shown below to make your visit enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

  • There is hand sanitizer as you enter Manor Farm and we ask that you always use it every time you come in and go out of the front door.
  • We have taken the information booklets out of the rooms and will send these to you in a PDF format so you can peruse them prior to your arrival.
  • The government is insisting that we have all guests names, addresses, email and telephone numbers, which we will collect before arrival and destroy after the mandatory 21 days.
  • We are unable to allow takeaways to be brought back to the house.
  • We have temporarily closed our small library of maps, books and guides.
  • We have removed the comfy chairs and sofa from the breakfast room.
  • All rooms have en-suites and the spare family bathroom will not be available for use by guests.
  • All bed linen and towels are washed on a high temperature wash cycle.
  • Our customer fridge unfortunately will not be available for general use.
  • Our normal selection of confectionary and cold drinks will not be in the guest fridge but will still be available on request.
  • Any cereals or juices will no longer be left out for you to serve yourselves at breakfast, but we will be more than happy to bring these to your table.
  • The breakfast room has been laid out to adhere to social distancing guidance.
  • All rooms and general areas are fully cleaned and sanitized before guests arrive.

We are hoping that this will be a temporary measure and we can all get back to normal service soon.